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Survey management tools for customers
What is Survey Management?

Enghouse Survey Management is a Consulting Practice that enables the implementation of comprehensive survey capabilities quickly and easily across the organization for continuous use, or just for a specific one-off requirement.

Enghouse Survey Management can be deployed within your organization or can be accessed on a service bureau basis, providing your organization with the utmost operational flexibility. As a consulting practice, Survey Management combines software and services to enable your organization to develop and refine integrated solution that can engage with customers, employees, and constituents across multi-channel touchpoints.


Customers Have a Lot to Say

Organizations should regularly survey customers to find out how they feel about the company, its products, services, and prices. It’s an efficient way to gather first-party customer data and to understand, on an individual as well as an aggregated basis, customer and employee expectations, their needs, overall perceptions, what increases or negatively impacts their experience (satisfaction) and helps identify areas for improvement or enhancement. With the rapid transition to online for everything, surveys are more important than ever to make sure organizations deliver what customers expect, the way they expect it.



Surveys Help Organizations Understand How to:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Listening to your customers is crucial to satisfying their needs. Organizations should survey customers to find out how they feel about what the company offers, and how it supports its products and services, along with their willingness to recommend your organization to others.


Increase Customer Engagement to Drive Loyalty

When customers are open to sharing their insights and perceptions, their level of engagement is high. More engagement increases the probability of higher loyalty.


Enhance Products and Services

Complement unsolicited feedback from customer conversations from every touchpoint along the customer journey with targeted/detailed questions can provide valuable insight into your product design, features and functionality, and the value it delivers. This insight can help refine/evolve existing products and identify new product and service opportunities.

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Gather First-Party Customer Data

With the upcoming demise of 3rd-party cookies, data gathering is set to become more difficult and less comprehensive. Surveying your customer base will help fill in those gaps and facilitates the development of prospect data as well.


Year-over-Year Performance Optimization and Tracking

Gathering operational feedback at different points in time will allow you to compare data from year over year to see if and what adjustments are needed, and if previously made implemented changes had a positive impact.

Features and Benefits
Top 10 Benefits of Enghouse Interactive's Survey Management Solution
Multiple devices
Easily Develop and Deploy Multi-mode Surveys
Combine Web, CATI, and IVR-based modes as required to address any unique survey need. Facilitate survey development by using mode-specific logic, relevant prompt text, and corresponding response options. Multi-mode data is consolidated into a single file.
Access anywhere
Sophisticated Sample and Survey Program Management
Simplifies multimode survey implementations with automatic time-zone management and weighting, including calling pattern optimization using time-of-day segmentation, while respecting call-attempt rules (ensures adherence to local, regional, or national regulatory requirements).
Visual dashboard
Simplified Survey Design
Provides highly flexible program templates that easily accommodate customized themes and unique branding requirements.
Identify trends
Supervisory Tools
In real-time obtain detailed metrics regarding interviewer productivity, call metrics, and call sample usage to track in-progress surveys. Adjust calling rules and market-specific objectives as required to ensure demographic or psychographic weightings are properly respected.
Digital channels
Centralized Operations
Leverage centralized management capabilities across distributed operations – globally, multi-site or single local site with national coverage.
Easy to Use
Combining intuitive data gathering, skilled data analysis, and clear reporting provides useable insights to drive better customer experiences
Optimal Blend of Technology and Services
Leverage 30+ years of knowledge, experience, and expertise along the Survox platform to run ad hoc surveys, or on an ongoing basis
Agent engagement
Engage Customers Wherever they Are / However they Prefer
Easily run surveys online, over the phone, via SMS, or on paper
Integration options
Integrate with any PBX, UC, UCaaS or CC, CCaaS Solution
Highly reliable software solution and service-based approach, ensure that data collection capabilities can integrate with the organization’s infrastructure
From a single campaign deployment to running multiple campaigns simultaneously or continuously … without the need for specialized infrastructure or analytically skilled resources
Call center employee
Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options

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Survey Management: Survox
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